Slides and photos from HackConf 2019

On behalf of the Hack Bulgaria team who organized the HackConf conference on 11-13th of October, we want to thank everyone who attended, supported and participated in HackConf 2019! 

HackConf's fifth edition featured 20 workshops, 51 speakers, 25 talks, 65 partners & supporters, and brought the tech crowd closer together once more. 🎉

It wouldn't be possible to make the conference happen without our partners and sponsors. We’re pretty sure you’ve had your chance to meet them, but we would like to take a moment and introduce them: 

🌟 Office Fruit - Provided excellent fruit baskets for all 3 conference days.🍇🍏🍌
🌟 Photo King - Did you take a picture at the fancy photo corner 🎬 with top-notch props and decor on Saturday? Check your photo 📸 here 📸

🌟 Kookie Cat - Having authentic cookies made with high-quality ingredients and love at the conference made our day healthy and ready for a day full of talks! 🍪🥰
🌟 Office Relax- Did you have some time to stop by the massage corner? Our friends from Office Relax provided two days full of free massages. It was totally worth it! 🤩
🌟 Chair Pro - For the first time ever we had a Quiet room, thanks to Chair Pro this space was fully furnished and available for the purpose of work and relaxation.
🌟 Pure H2O - A bottle of water wasn't enough, though. That's why we had gallons of water! 🌊 We took care of our attendees being well-hydrated. 
🌟 Bookoholic- Did you stop by the booth on the 7th floor? Our friends had books from O'Reilly specially selected for our attendees! 📚
🌟 Gifted Sofia - An authentic Bulgarian souvenir shop full of beautifully crafted goods such as magnets, postcards, books and lots of other local flavourful gifts. 🎁

🌟Club-Mate - Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks with a unique Yerba mate taste. Isn't it nice? 🍹

🌟O’Reilly - The worldwide famous O'Reilly Media provided us with books that were gifted to attendees of the Q&A panel "Ask Me Anything" on Sunday. 🕮

🌟 Graphic Mama - We're so delightful for having supporters like Graphic Mama! 🥰 Thanks to them we (and you) have the awesome pandas on the conference's T-shirts, badges and of course the stickers. 

🌟 StickerMule - they printed the conference panda's stickers with the best high-quality! If you want to have kick-ass stickers, then you should check them. ;) 

And of course, all our sponsors who believe in us and make this event possible: Experian Bulgaria, SBTech, SuperHosting, PlayTech, Smule, Technofy, Uber, VMware, Bosch Software InnovationsHedgeServ, G AdventuresREWE Digital, SAP Labs Bulgaria, Progress, UltraPlay, NobleHire, EPAM, Accedia, Neterra, Tide Platform, Strypes, Zuhlke Engineering Object Systems InternationalTick 42, Nemetschek Bulgaria, Skyscanner, it-economics, Telebid Pro.

We’ve collected the presentations from our speakers, so you can review your favorite talks or check out any you've missed. 

The link to the photo gallery is at the bottom of this post. All of the talks will be up on our YouTube channel very soon - subscribe, so you won't miss them. Enjoy! 😊

Аttached below are the presentation slides and additional links from our Workshop day.

🌟 Day 1 - Workshops (11th of October) 🌟

“The 10 productivity commandments” by Vassilena Valchanova

If you've missed Vassi's workshop, take a look at the articles which might help you be more productive: 

👉 Personal Productivity

👉 Productivity System

👉 Productivity Tools

“Building a high-performance, distributed and scalable microservice orchestration” by Timo Hentschel

👉 Slides on Google Drive


“Behind the scenes of React Redux” by Kamen Kotsev 

”During the workshop, we discussed how redux works alongside react. We implemented a Redux state provider and a consumer, and later a HOC to make it easier to hook up to the global state. We also implemented the redux actions dispatching and reducing.”  Kamen Kotsev

You can find the code in this repo 👉 GitHub


“Angular Universal - be more SEO/CDN/User-friendly with server-side rendering” and “E2E testing of the Single Page Applications” by Maciej Treder

👉 Slides on Speaker Deck from “E2E SPA tests with protractor”

👉 Slides from “ Angular Universal - essentials”


“Public Speaking for Technologists” by Daniel Maher

👉Slides on Daniel's website

“Build a Serverless Web Application with AWS” by Daniel Rankov

👉 Slides on Google Drive

🌟 Day 2 - Talks (12th of October) 🌟

“The Groundhog Development Method” by Bozhidar Batsov

👉 Slides on Google Drive


“Success Hacking 101: How to Survive the Commoditization of Your Job” by Matt Landheim

👉 Slides on Google Drive


“The Useless Leader is the Best Leader!” by Alexander Popov

Alexander doesn’t have slides, but his talk is coming up soon on YouTube. 


“SOLID principles - {part 1 of 5} - "S" the most misunderstood principle” by Martin Chaov

👉 Slides on Google Drive


“DevCorp: choose your own adventure” by Pauline Vos

Pauline doesn’t have slides, but her talk is coming up soon on YouTube. 


“Does functional programming actually help in production?” by Robert Avram

👉Slides on Google Drive


“Image Fingerprinting with Keypoints” by Vassil Lunchev

👉 Slides on Google Drive


“WTF, Languages!?” by Alexander Georgiev

👉 Slides on Google Drive 


“The click that will bring your weekend back” by Tosho Trajanov

👉 Slides on Google Drive 


“Debugging people” by Mila Petkova

👉 Slides on Google Drive 


“ES9, ES10, and Beyond. ECMAScript Release Roadmap.” by Martin Ivanov

👉 Slides on Google Drive 


“Scaling your data layer” by Ivan Vergiliev

👉 Slides on Google Drive 


🌟 Day 3 -Talks (13th of October) 🌟

“Performance Profiling Techniques to Make Your Code Awesome” by Tim Driscoll and Rositsa Kotseva

👉 Slides on


“Ask Me Anything - Panel Session” with Ivan Vankov and Marian Marinov

For the first time, we had an “Ask Me Anything” panel in our program. We don’t have slides to share, but soon you’ll be able to watch the panel on YouTube. ;) 

“Be nice, help the person who hacks your servers to get your data” by Vranac Srdjan

👉 Slides on Google Drive 


“Cache me outside - Caching Methodologies and Architectures” by Anthony Dang

👉 Slides on Google Drive 


“The Elements of Style in Programming” by Bozhidar Batsov

👉 Slides on Google Drive 

“What Can't Deep Learning Do?” by Svetlin Penkov

Svetlin doesn’t have slides, but his demo is coming up soon on YouTube. 


“A Thousand Words: How I'm still not using GUIs in 2019” by Lucas Fernandes da Costa

👉 Slides on Google Drive 


“Notes from My Travels: Building Effective Teams When You're in Different Places” by Euan Finlay

👉 Slides on Google Drive 


“Productivity for developers” by Radoslav Stankov

👉 Slides on Speaker Deck


“Hardware connectivity on the progressive web” by Majid Hajian

👉 Slides on


“Introduction to Machine Learning” by Stefan Kanev

Stefan doesn’t have slides, but his talk is coming up soon on YouTube. 


HackConf 2019 Photos 

All photos from the workshops and conference days are available on Flickr! 😉📷

If you took photos at the photo booth of Photo King, you can find them here


We've got amazing things planned for HackConf 2020. We hope you're as excited as we are! 😍